Monday, December 31, 2012


A lot of bloggers out there are doing recaps of 2012, and writing about what they want to do/see during 2013. I have a lot of things to be thankful for from this year, but right now there's something else I want to talk about.

When we look ahead, we need to set all kinds of goals. Short-term. Long-term. Dreams. Imaginations. It's a combination of these that keeps us going. I've come up with something that I want to do my whole life. I want to use my talents for the Lord.

I know, this would seem like something I would have wanted my entire life, and yes, I have always wanted to give God the glory in everything I do. But this time, there's more determination behind it.

My Sunday School teacher, who is also my pastor's wife, hit upon it in a different light, though. God gives us our talents to glorify Him, and if we don't do it, He'll find someone who will. What she said next was what really struck me, she said, "Oh, Lord, when I stand before You I want there to be no talent whatsoever left in my body! I want it to all be used up, and for You."

And that's what I want. I want to use up every drop of my talent, and for the Lord. I prayed that prayer, and asked Him to use me. That was in early November.

By mid-November I was asked to be the lead in the Christmas play, join a group of carolers, and because of the caroling, my two best friends and I were asked to form a trio to sing one song.

The Christmas play has to have been one of the most fun and rewarding things I've ever done. I discovered that God did give me some talent for acting.  The Lord blessed us so much, and during a couple of my scenes, I nearly cried. Especially during Scene IV, when my character, Nyone, the slave girl, realized Who Jesus is. "That voice! The star! To have been so blind! Oh, Jesus, that even a slave girl would share in the wonder of it all!" It was all I could do to keep from sobbing. That the Lord would come down from His Heavenly throne, robe Himself in flesh, come to the earth in the way He did, die the death He did on Calvary, and resurrect, even for me.
(top left) Innkeeper's daughter, Innkeeper's cousin, Nyone (me), Mary (top right) Nyone (me), Mary (bottom) Full cast, plus a few straggling carolers.

With the caroling and the trio, I learned that God gave me some singing talent, and I sang the solos for our trio. During caroling, we sang for the High Flyers group in our church (50 years and up), and sang for a man who had been in a motorcycle accident and his family. His wife cried the whole time we sang for them. I felt so blessed, and humbled that God would look down and choose me to be a part of that.

 Maybe I can sing, maybe I can act, but only by His giving me those gifts can I do it. Only with His help can I do it at all. Without Him, I am nothing. He is my Everything. And I must give all my thanks by using them for Him. My mission is to continue to use that talents that God gave me, for His glory. It's not about me, it's about Him.