Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Four.

  • I had my second observation today!! 
  • My supervisor was crazy impressed. He loved my activities and transitions, and was taking pictures the entire time. 
  • I was so caught up in preparing for my observation, and just wrapped up in the whole day, that I forgot something.
  • Today is my diaversary--7 years. I was diagnosed on 2/7/07. In a way, I'm actually kind of glad that diabetes didn't have the spotlight today. It's nice to know that life and dreams do happen and come true even if you have diabetes. I don't feel like it's in spite of so much as with. It's part of my life, but it's not my whole life. I love that I was able to totally focus on my lesson and my day, without diabetes being the focal point of it all. Current technology has made that a lot more doable. Thank God for CGMs, meters, and insulin pumps! And insulin!

Monday, February 3, 2014

WOTW: Mawkish.


MAW-kish, adj.

Sentimental in a sappy, almost offensive way; sickly sweet emotion.

1. Excessively and objectionably sentimental.
2. Sickening or insipid in taste.

Middle English: mawke, from maggot.

The store had a rather mawkish display of Valentine's Day cards.

She carried on mawkishly about her boyfriend.

Seemed like an appropriate word for this time of year! Some displays of affections are sweet, tasteful, and classy. And then there's the other ones.

One way to keep it classy, and not mawkish, this year, is to be part of the Spare a Rose, Save a Child effort. If you donate just $5, and skip buying a single rose, you can help provide insulin, which is necessary for life, to a child with diabetes for a month. For the price of a dozen roses, you can help a child live for an entire year. Please consider joining us in helping children globally.

To those who give, a multitude of thanks. 

If you cannot give, please consider helping us spread the word--thank you!

Life for a Child