Friday, March 9, 2012


I really love a good thesaurus. If that makes me a geek or nerd, I'm fine with that. I would rather be happy with the things that I love and with people that love me despite these quirks of mine, than with people who liked me, superficially, for a person that I'm not. If that makes sense. The point is, I really love a good thesaurus.

The reason for this point? The fact that the title of this post is "Perturbed." and not "Anxious." Had it not been for my handy-dandy thesaurus, I would not have remembered this marvelous word. I learned it a long time ago, but it had been shoved onto a back shelf somewhere, and it was only after I saw it again that I remembered it.

The reason for the reason? A few weeks ago, the principal of one of the schools in my district approached me and asked if I was interested in the classroom aide position that had just become available. 

Before I go any further, I must interject and disclose that this principal has a reputation for not being the easiest boss to have. The teachers over there are not the happiest in the world. The other aide that is there is not happy, but she has never been happy, with any job, anywhere. My point being, I don't really know if she's as "bad" as they think she is. 

My old kindergarten teacher is there as well, and she's not very pleased with everything that goes on there, but she hasn't been as enthusiastic about being a teacher as she once was since she left the kindergarten level (she never shows this to her kids though; she is a true professional, and a phenomenal teacher). She is, however, pushing for me to get this job, because I am "one of [hers]." On the totally opposite hand, she is telling me that I need to get out of the education field ASAP, because of the way that it is going. 

I have said all of that to say this: the school secretary called me the other day and set up an interview!!!! Unfortunately, it is on the 19th, after Spring Break. I am simply perishing from all of the perturbation of mind!! I am so anxious to find out if I will get the job or not! I hate that it is not at the school that I know and love the most, with the kids and teachers that I love the most, but it is such a great opportunity!! It will help me down the road when I'm certified, and also be a great education in and of itself! I really hope that I get the position. She may not be a terrific principal, but perhaps this will open the door for a place at my "home" school. I certainly hope so. More than that, I am praying so. 

I know that I said in my first post that I would try not to ramble or post long posts, but I just can't help it. I love words, and writing, and commas, and I'm going to work on this. Really. I just have so much to say, and so much background to disclose right now. These will get shorter, eventually. I promise!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride

Last week was very interesting, and not unlike a roller coaster ride.

Source: Google :)

Warning: Long! Also may include rambling.

Actually, it began Thursday, February 23rd. You see, although I have not been on the official "Teacher Sub List" in my district, I've been in the classroom, subbing, for about 2 1/2 years. However, only one school knew that I could really handle it, and so the other schools never really called me unless they got super desperate in the paraprofessional area. The middle school put me in a classroom once before my entrance on this list, but that was just a couple of weeks ago, and they knew that I was getting on it. 

You see, to be a paraprofessional substitute (subbing for aides, workroom, front office, stuff like that), you only need a GED or High School diploma. Easy. In order to be on the Teacher Sub List, you have to have 30 hours of college, and also take a sub class at the college. So, since I didn't have the extra money to spend, I stayed on the para list after I got the required 30 hours of college. 

I have been in quite a dilemma deciding what grade(s) I would like to teach. My mother has told me, "You're good at first grade. You don't think that you'd be happy with it eventually?" The answer is, no. I don't have a real love for first grade and first graders. There's this one class, taught by my former first grade teacher that I absolutely adore, but I wouldn't want to be in there every single day teaching on that level, with children that little. This dilemma made me want to get on the Teacher Sub List, so that I could explore other grades, but I still did not have the money for that class (trust me, you don't make much working retail, at least, where I work). 

Long story short, the school secretary called administration, and then the principal called, and between those two wonderful ladies and a copy of my transcript, I was put on The List on Thursday, 2/23/12. 

I got 8 calls between that afternoon and the time I left for school Monday morning. 

You see, I've been praying for a way out of retail for the past month. I was subbing what I thought was a lot before getting on The List, but suddenly, I was bombarded on all sides, by all the schools (except the Kindergarten school, thank God). I was already tired of working at the school, eating, then heading to the other job. So, on Tuesday, I went in and talked to my boss, and we worked it out so that I can work only on Mondays (my school day), and Saturdays. This ensures that my car insurance gets paid every month, but I won't be killing myself.

It's a nightmare when you throw D in the middle of all of this. My blood sugar has not been where it should be for the last couple of weeks, and suddenly, when I'm over 220 mg/dL, my eyes feel like cotton balls. Like I said, it's been an interesting week.

*Edit* Disclosure: I do not have anything against kindergartners or kindergarten teachers, but that's just not the place for me. Maybe if I get married and have children someday, I'll feel differently, but right now, I just don't have the patience or inspiration required to be a kindergarten teacher.