Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy News.

I haven't blogged in awhile, but I have some good reasons! Most would say excuses, but I think these are pretty viable. Some pretty exciting things have been happening in the Emily-verse, some didn't interfere with blogging, but I put them in, anyway. I'm referring to the gap mainly between August to November.
  • My a1c went down!
  • I started doing only intervention at my job, instead of one week out of every three. That kept me busier than usual, since my day ended later than it did last year, which meant more planning at home.
  • I spent about a month solid doing a marathon of schoolwork. I even took a week off of work in order to do in-classroom assignments. 
  • In that month I completed about 23 credit hours worth of work minus about 5 assignments. 
  • My record during that time was completing 8 assignments in a single day. I seriously spent every possible moment in front of my computer working strictly on schoolwork. After I was finished I didn't want to spend another minute in front of a screen for awhile.
  • Because I was able to complete those credit hours, I got accepted into the Cohort Seminar at the university to do my demonstration teaching internship starting in January!! 
  • I've been able to get placed at the school where I've been working, so I already know the layout, teachers, and routines.
  • I'm doing it with my first grade teacher. We are both SO EXCITED. It's like coming full circle. The best thing about doing it with her may seem backward to some, but it's that she still views me as her STUDENT. Most of the other teachers at the school view me as either a peer or friend, which would make it easy for them to just let me do whatever, and not teach me as much. This teacher will continue to teach me as she always has. When I did some of my required lessons in her room, she gave me awesome feedback during the lesson (while the students were doing independent practice) that really improved the lesson. I did two observations in her room and my whole style improved. 
My blogging rate probably won't improve much, as my internship starts on January 6th and runs through April 4th. It will be a very busy 12 weeks, with a lot of time spent up at the school after the actual school day is over. Maybe one of these days I'll just MAKE time to blog, but for the last few months, it just hasn't been a priority. I won't promise that I'll publish much, but I'll promise that I'll try :).