Thursday, August 15, 2013

WOTW: Risible.

risible, (RIZ-uh-bul), adjective.

Funny or amusing; worthy of laughter.

1. Relating to laughter or used in eliciting laughter. 
2. Eliciting laughter; ludicrous.
3. Capable of laughing or inclined to laugh. 
(LLat. risibilis)

Della invited Alison to lunch, knowing Alison's risible personality would cheer her.

The child's risible escapades made for delightful storytelling by his parents.

Looks like I'm drawn to words that have sunny definitions. I guess you could say I'm rather ebullient, and that I love the more risible parts of life.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Four.

  • I go back to work a week from today. I have mixed emotions. 
    • I love my summer and vacation.
      • I'm ready for Fall.
    • One of my friends from the first school where I was fully employed is coming to my school and I'm super excited about that.
      • Also there are a bunch of new people that I don't know, which makes me nervous.
    • I actually enjoy my job!
      • But I have to do student teaching in the Spring, and that means leaving the job I love.
  • I have an endo appointment on Tuesday! I know, I know, I just had one, but my CDE and endo are only both in the office on Tuesdays, so I'm trying to schedule them so that I don't have to take off work. If I go this Tuesday, I can wait until Thanksgiving week to schedule my next appointment.
  • My new little nephew got moved out of the incubator this week! He's still in the NICU, and will be for awhile, but now he's one step closer to coming home.
  • This happened:
    I have been sort-of-kind-of flat-lining again, more than just this once, finally, after a couple of months of constant peaks and valleys. Also it matched my meter, which made me extra happy.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WOTW: Ebullient.


ebullient (eh-BOOL-yunt), adj.
Full of cheer, enthusiasm, or optimism, as expressed in speech, writing, or behavior.

1. Zestfully enthusiastic.
2. Boiling or seeming to boil; bubbling.
Latin: ebuliere, to bubble up.

My professor was particularly ebullient when lecturing about Thomas Jefferson, his favorite president.

Some find my constant state of ebullience delightful, while others simply consider it annoying.

Isn't the 1st definition from American Heritage absolutely delicious? "Zestfully enthusiastic" is one of the happiest, most exuberant phrases I've ever read. The fact that it can be summed up into "ebullient" makes it even better.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Four

I'm working out a new blog format, where I will post every weekday, or at least, try to. I've noticed a lot of people do Friday Fives, or some other number. I decided on Four. So, here goes.

  • Most of the time, site insertions (pump and Dexcom) don't hurt, or cause only a little discomfort, so when they do, it's almost shocking, and makes me wonder if something's wrong! This morning, I put in a new one, and it hurt like the Dickens. Compounded by my bonking it on a door frame. Twice. But it's working, and pretty spot-on.
  • I really shouldn't browse the nonfiction section in the library. I have a bunch of books that I really don't have time to even glance at, but I couldn't not get them. Grammar, spelling, knitting, French idioms, etiquette, and a biography. I don't even know where to START.
  • I hate waking up low. That feeling is so much worse than a "day" low. It's like a lost, desperate feeling.
  • I've always planned on getting a master's degree, but up to now, never found one that seemed to suit me. Until the idea of becoming a children's librarian slapped me in the face. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. But first, I have to finish my Bachelor's. *sigh*