Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Four

I'm working out a new blog format, where I will post every weekday, or at least, try to. I've noticed a lot of people do Friday Fives, or some other number. I decided on Four. So, here goes.

  • Most of the time, site insertions (pump and Dexcom) don't hurt, or cause only a little discomfort, so when they do, it's almost shocking, and makes me wonder if something's wrong! This morning, I put in a new one, and it hurt like the Dickens. Compounded by my bonking it on a door frame. Twice. But it's working, and pretty spot-on.
  • I really shouldn't browse the nonfiction section in the library. I have a bunch of books that I really don't have time to even glance at, but I couldn't not get them. Grammar, spelling, knitting, French idioms, etiquette, and a biography. I don't even know where to START.
  • I hate waking up low. That feeling is so much worse than a "day" low. It's like a lost, desperate feeling.
  • I've always planned on getting a master's degree, but up to now, never found one that seemed to suit me. Until the idea of becoming a children's librarian slapped me in the face. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. But first, I have to finish my Bachelor's. *sigh*

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