Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Four.

  • I go back to work a week from today. I have mixed emotions. 
    • I love my summer and vacation.
      • I'm ready for Fall.
    • One of my friends from the first school where I was fully employed is coming to my school and I'm super excited about that.
      • Also there are a bunch of new people that I don't know, which makes me nervous.
    • I actually enjoy my job!
      • But I have to do student teaching in the Spring, and that means leaving the job I love.
  • I have an endo appointment on Tuesday! I know, I know, I just had one, but my CDE and endo are only both in the office on Tuesdays, so I'm trying to schedule them so that I don't have to take off work. If I go this Tuesday, I can wait until Thanksgiving week to schedule my next appointment.
  • My new little nephew got moved out of the incubator this week! He's still in the NICU, and will be for awhile, but now he's one step closer to coming home.
  • This happened:
    I have been sort-of-kind-of flat-lining again, more than just this once, finally, after a couple of months of constant peaks and valleys. Also it matched my meter, which made me extra happy.

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