Thursday, February 23, 2012


I bought the tickets on Sunday for my family to go to the Adventures in Odyssey Live Show!! It's in Dallas, Texas on June 16th. If you're interested, you can purchase tickets here.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I emailed a question to Katie Leigh, who plays Connie Kendall, and we got in contact with her. She had noticed my email address (which, back then, alluded to my being a PWD), and emailed me back asking me if I had Type 1 diabetes. I emailed her back that, yes, I had Type 1, and the conversation continued. As it turns out, her daughter has Type 1 diabetes as well! All of that led to a phone call, and we've been in contact with her ever since! So, when we found out that we were going, my mother sent Katie a message, and we're going to meet up with her outside of the show!! I can't wait!!

While we're in Dallas, we're also going to get to go to a home mission church that our former assistant pastor and his wife run. I miss them so much, and can't wait to be in church with them again!

It's not until June, and it's not going to be that long of a trip, but I am so looking forward to it!
(Which also means that I have GOT to find my camera charger.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am single, but there is still One in my life that means more to me than life itself...Jesus. I heard this song years ago, and then again just the other day, and it hit me. This song is perfect for me to describe my love for God, because of how much I love words, and how much I love using word that paint big, colorful pictures. The name of it is "Simply, I Love You."

I tried to find the words in my vocabulary,
but I found that rather difficult to do; when I've
completed all attempts the only words that make sense
are simply, "I love You." 
I've exhausted my search in my dictionary, 
but Webster's definitions are too few;
when I've reached the bottom line
the only words that come to mind
are simply, "I love You."

I know Your love is unfathomable,
Your ways are unequivocal,
Your heart is undeniably true.
But, it's virtually impossible 
to find the perfect syllable
to describe the indescribable You!

If I had the wisdom to 
articulate my feelings, 
I'd give a lecture, impromptu.
But I cannot elaborate or verbalize 
enough to say simply, "I love You."
How do I love Thee, 
I could count forever,
and that would really challenge my I.Q.
So, let me make it plain, 
I'll repeat myself again,
simply, "I love You."

I know Your love is unfathomable,
Your ways are unequivocal,
You heart is undeniably true.
But, it's virtually impossible 
to find the perfect syllable
to describe the indescribable You!

If I had the prudence to expound 
on my philosophy, I'd pen the greatest theses
of time.
Socrates would envy me,
Einstein would read my mind,
multitudes would congregate to hear me pontificate,
scientists would authorize the things that I'd hypothesize,
Shakespeare would call me first,
before he wrote a single verse,
but this is just me without ceremony,
I mean it so sincerely,
simply, "I love You."
I love You.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello, all! My name is Emily, and I am currently 19 years old. God is first in my life. That is where the "peace" in my title came from. John 14:27 is "my verse." It says: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

 I am also an Education student that might want to teach middle school. My favorite subjects are English and History. That's where "perspicacity" comes in. You see, I've always had a love for books, stories, and, well, just words in general. I'm a "word-nerd," if you will. The first time I ever heard "perspicacity," I loved it, and immediately went and looked it up. It means understanding.

Peace and Perspicacity is more than just a title of a blog, it's my goal in life. I want to be peaceful, and not full of turmoil. I want to be grounded in my beliefs, faith, and family. I want to understand what is going on around me. I want to better understand those around me, how they feel, and why they do things that make me frustrated, so that I can be helpful to them.

I'm also a working girl. I work at the local Palais Royal department store in the evenings, and on weekdays, I am a substitute teacher, which I LOVE. I'm sure there will be more on that subject later.

I also have Type I diabetes. I was diagnosed with it on 2/7/07, 5 years ago, when I was 14. I use a Minimed Revel 523 insulin pump (in pink!), and am trying to get a Dexcom CGM.

Now, 10 random facts:
I LOVE books. My top 3 authors are Deeanne Gist, Julie Klassen, and Tracie Peterson. I have so many favorite authors, it's ridiculous, that is why I narrowed it down to 3.
I also love Walt Disney World, and I am always wanting to go there.
My favorite colors are pink and purple.
I have 2 dogs: a rat terrier named Trixie, and a chihuahua named Holly.
I have my Associate's degree in Teaching.
BlueBell ice cream has gotten me through many a sad moment.
I love getting mail. I don't know why, I just do.
I have one brother, one sister-in-law, and one impossibly adorable nephew.
I love Nancy Drew computer games; I own all of them, and roughly 50 ND books.

Most of my posts will not shouldn't be this long. Every once in a while I get a bad case of rambling. Like now.
Signing off,