Thursday, February 23, 2012


I bought the tickets on Sunday for my family to go to the Adventures in Odyssey Live Show!! It's in Dallas, Texas on June 16th. If you're interested, you can purchase tickets here.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I emailed a question to Katie Leigh, who plays Connie Kendall, and we got in contact with her. She had noticed my email address (which, back then, alluded to my being a PWD), and emailed me back asking me if I had Type 1 diabetes. I emailed her back that, yes, I had Type 1, and the conversation continued. As it turns out, her daughter has Type 1 diabetes as well! All of that led to a phone call, and we've been in contact with her ever since! So, when we found out that we were going, my mother sent Katie a message, and we're going to meet up with her outside of the show!! I can't wait!!

While we're in Dallas, we're also going to get to go to a home mission church that our former assistant pastor and his wife run. I miss them so much, and can't wait to be in church with them again!

It's not until June, and it's not going to be that long of a trip, but I am so looking forward to it!
(Which also means that I have GOT to find my camera charger.)

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