Monday, June 25, 2012

He's my Friend

We learned a new chorus during choir practice last night that the praise singers sang during church (and I got to praise sing for the first time!!).
Anyway, it was a beautiful song, and one I'd like to share with y'all:

He's my Friend
He's the strength of my life,
He's the song in the middle of the night!
He's the joy down in my soul,
He's the One that makes me whole!
He's the peace in my storm,
He's the refuge from all harm!
Talkin' 'bout Jesus! Jesus!
He's my Friend.

The most awesome thing about it, was that the evangelist preached on getting a revelation of Who Jesus really is. He found what God was in every book of the Bible: He's the comforter, Redeemer, everything, Alpha, Omega... This song fit so perfectly, and it always amazes me, no matter how many times it happens, how God arranges things to fall perfectly into place like they did last night. 

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