Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love my new job. That is all.

Except, y'all know me. I have to say everything in approximately 3 paragraphs longer than necessary.

Anyway, I got the job at the school!! I started last Tuesday, and it's going way better than I expected. For example, first thing in the morning, I have library duty. Library duty. How awesome is that?? The first time I went in there, I immediately inhaled that wonderful scent of old and new books. In my book (pun intended), libraries are little havens filled with wonderful things just waiting to be imagined. I also get to help with Reading Camp on Tuesday-Thursday.

Second, I really enjoy the kids there. The first graders that I work with are adorable, and one of them told me when I had her the first time I helped her, "You know, I think I could do this every day."
I enjoy the other grades as well, but especially fourth grade. I'm a reading instructional aide, so I go into the Language Arts rooms (I do "push-ins"). I love being in the classroom and helping them "get" something. I enjoy the things that they are doing, and it's challenging, because if I've forgotten something, I have re-learn it very quickly. I just feel very comfortable in there for some reason, even though I'm not very familiar with the teacher and her style/philosophy.

I have cafeteria duty as well, but it really gives me an opportunity to get to know the kids better, so I don't mind.

And last, but irrefutably not the least, on Fridays I get to be in the library all day. A librarian from the middle school or high school has been coming to help, and will until the end of the year. Since this school cannot hire a librarian yet, they want me to do it next year, so the librarians are training me in all of the computer stuff. I'm sure that they will also come in from time to time to make sure everything is ship-shape, too. I love getting to help the students select books, which can be difficult when you have to make sure that, not only will they like it, but that it is also the correct AR level. Last Friday absolutely flew by.

Anyway, I love my new job.

Monday is my last day at the old job.

That is all.

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